Voltage transducer 10...500V/precision measurement of DC, AC and pulse voltages

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LV 25-P


Principle of use
For voltage measurements, a current proportional to the measured voltage must be passed through an external resistor R1, which is selected by the user and installed in series with the primary circuit of the transducer.

Primary resistor R1:
The transducers optimum accuracy is optained at the nominal primary current. As far as possible, R1 should be calculated so that the nominal voltage to be measured corresponds to a primary current if 10mA.

Voltage to be measured Vpn 250V:

  • R1 = 25kOhm / 2.5W, Ip = 10mA - Accuracy +/- 0.9% of Vpn (Ta = +25°C)
  • R1 = 50kOhm / 1.25W, Ip = 5mA - Accuracy +/- 1.5% of Vpn (Ta = +25°C)